A selelction of prints that have been made soley to place on the wall using different techniques such as screen printing, letterpress, and rubber stamping.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing prints, some are made in editions others are one offs.

utensil orange circle 20 x 20 cm screen print edition of 20

utensil blue circle  20 x 20cm screen print edition of 15

Tarset A-Z  
This is one of the prints made for the Raffle Tickets and Midges exhibititon at Highgreen as part of the VARC residency. It is also avaliable in book format. Screen printed print, edition of 18, 56 x 37.5cm

Go to the Ants and be Wise 
A one off print for the Northern Footprints exhibition at Northern Print 2010. Rubberstamp and found letterpress text 30 x 30cm